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Block access to your sensitive online data and device information using Norton Utilities Ultimate

The Privacy Protection feature protects access to personal data by disabling the Windows data sharing features.

The Privacy Protection feature is available only in Windows 10 or later versions.

The Privacy Protection disables Windows 10 or Windows 11 telemetry and other invasive data-collection services, including:

  • Microsoft Diagnostics, Data Collection, and Telemetry Services

  • Location Services

  • SmartScreen Service

  • Windows Feedback Service

  • Cortana virtual assistant

  • Camera and microphone access

  • Activity history collection

Turn off Windows services

  1. Open Norton Utilities Ultimate.

  2. Click Toolbox > Protect.

  3. In the Protect window, click Privacy Protection.

  4. Under Windows Data Sharing Features, next to the service that share your windows data, select Disabled.

  5. To turn off all the services, click Turn off all (recommended).

    To restore the settings, click Restore original settings.

  6. Click Exit.

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DOCID: v138369157
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 04/18/2024