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View summary report of Norton Utilities Ultimate activities

Norton Utilities Ultimate performs various activities to help keep your computer optimized for maximum performance. The Statistics window displays a summary of all the activities that Norton Utilities Ultimate has performed.

Some of the activities that your Norton product performs include:

  • Optimizing and defragmenting your disks

  • Identifying and removing broken registry keys and shortcuts

  • Cleaning up junk files

  • Clearing up browser cache and cookies

  • Optimizing startup programs and background processes

  • Managing programs installed on your computer

You can view glimpse of how much space Norton Utilities Ultimate has cleaned, number of files removed, and the number of issues fixed.

If you have reversed some actions using the Undo center, you can view the change instantly in the Statistics window.

View the Norton Utilities Ultimate statistics

  1. Open Norton Utilities Ultimate.

  2. On the main menu, click Statistics.

  3. In the Statistics window, on the top-right corner, select an interval and view the activities that Norton Utilities Ultimate performed for that period.

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 04/23/2024