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Monitor security tasks using Security History

Security History window lets you do the following:

  • View the summary of alerts and event messages.

  • View the results of scans that are run on your computer.

  • View the items that you submitted to Symantec Security Response website.

  • Manage Quarantine items.

  • Monitor the security tasks that your products perform in the background.

Security History lets you monitor the security tasks that your product performs in the background. In addition, the alerts that you receive can be reviewed at any time in Security History. If you cannot review an alert when you receive it, you can review it later in Security History.

The alerts, scan results, and other security items that are related to various product features appear under their respective categories in the Security History window. For example, the security items that are related to the Quarantine feature appear under the Quarantine category. In addition, the Security History window displays details of each item in the Details pane.

Based on their functionalities, Security History broadly organizes all categories into the following groups:

  • All Activity

  • Protection and Performance

  • Submissions and Errors

  • Performance

  • Informational

By default, the following information categories are available in the Security History window:

  • Recent History

  • Full History

  • Scan Results

  • Resolved Security Risks

  • Unresolved Security Risks

  • Quarantine

  • SONAR Activity

  • Firewall - Network and Connections

  • Firewall - Activities

  • Intrusion Prevention

  • Social Protection

  • Download Insight

  • AntiSpam

  • Identity

  • Norton Product Tamper Protection

  • Performance Alert

  • Network Cost Awareness

  • Backup

  • Sites reported to Symantec

  • Norton Error Reporting

  • Email Errors

  • Norton Community Watch

  • File Cleanup

  • Disk Optimization

  • Silent Mode

  • LiveUpdate

The backup and firewall features may not be available in some Norton products.

You can view the security items based on the category of events that you select and the search string that you provide. Norton restricts the number of search results that appear on each page in the Security History window. Therefore, Security History divides the items that are returned for any search criteria and displays them on separate pages. You can use the pagination scroll at the bottom of the window to navigate to different pages sequentially. In case you want to view a specific page, you can use the Go to page option to open the page. The maximum number of items that appear per page is 100.

Based on the security status of an item in an information category, you can take an appropriate action to resolve a risk or a threat. The actions that you can perform include the following:

  • Restore and exclude a quarantined item.

  • Remove an item from Security History.

  • Submit an item to Symantec for further analysis.

  • Trust or restrict devices on a selected network.

  • Remove the trusted or restricted status of devices on the selected network.

  • Allow a selected program to access the Internet.

  • Configure Norton to notify you when it blocks a selected attack signature.

Norton also lets you save the security events history. You can view the security event information whenever you want. If you want to analyze the security events for a particular day, you can save the Security History logs for that day. You can later import the file into Security History and analyze the data.

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