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Learn what to do if you do not find your subscription in your Norton account

There could be a few possible reasons as to why your Norton subscription would not show up on your Norton account.

  • You might be signed into the wrong Norton account.
  • You might have a product that you are yet to register under your Norton account.
  • Your Norton product might be from your service provider, which will not show up in your Norton account.

Sign in to the correct Norton account

  1. Create a Norton account or sign in to the account with the email address that you used to make the purchase. You would have received an email from Norton at the time of purchase.

  2. In the dashboard page, click Download.
    If you want to install a different subscribed product, go to My Subscriptions. In the My Subscriptions tab, select the Norton product with an active subscription and click Download.

  3. In the Get Started page, click Agree and Download.

Add a product key to your account

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. In the Get Started window, click Enter a New Product Key.

  3. Type the product key and click >.

    Your product key is a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters. It does not include any special characters. If you see the message "To start your subscription, enter your billing information and product key at norton.com/setup", read Download your Norton product purchased from a retail store.

  4. Click Agree and Download.

Add the Norton product that came pre-installed on your device to your account

  1. Open your Norton device security product.

  2. Click Help, and then click Account.

  3. Follow the instructions to log in to your existing account.

    After you log in to your account, your product is added to your account and you can manage your services or download the product onto a different device.

Add a Norton product that you obtained from a service provider

If you obtained your Norton product from a service provider, read View the Norton products you received from a service provider in your Norton account.

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Last modified: 05/09/2024