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Setup Password AutoFill in Norton Password Manager

The Password AutoFill feature in Norton Password Manager lets you autofill login information on websites and other applications easily. It uses the addresses and the payments that you saved to automatically fill your login information on websites. To use Password AutoFill in a iOS device, you must have iOS 12 or later and AutoFill Passwords must be enabled from the Settings option. To use Password AutoFill in an Android device, you must have Android 8.0 or later.

Setup Password Autofill on iOS devices

    This feature is available only on iOS devices running iOS 12 or later

  1. Open Settings on your iOS device and tap Passwords & Accounts.

  2. In the Passwords & Accounts screen, tap AutoFill Passwords.

  3. In the AutoFill Passwords screen, under ALLOW FILLING FROM, tap Norton Password Manager.

    Sign in to your Norton Password Manager vault when you receive a prompt.

  4. Tap OK in the confirmation screen.

    After setting up Password AutoFill, navigate to the AutoFill Passwords screen and uncheck iCloud Keychain.

Setup Password Autofill on Android devices

    This feature is available only on Android devices running 8.0 or later

  1. Launch the Norton Password Manager app.

  2. Tap the Vault icon and tap Settings.

  3. In the Settings screen, tap Vault.

  4. For Autofill to work in Google Chrome browser in Android devices, enable Chrome Autofill in the Vault screen.

  5. For Autofill to work in other apps, enable App Autofill in the Vault screen.

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DOCID: v132319245
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 11/08/2019