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Norton Password Manager Import/Export settings

You can export your Password Manager data for security purposes, data recovery, or when you transfer your Password Manager data to a new computer. The backup files are saved as .DAT files.

You can protect the files that you backed up with a password. NortonLifeLock recommends that you use a password to keep your Password Manager data more secure. The backup password does not need to be the same as the password of your Password Manager. You must provide the password when you restore the Password Manager data that you backed up.

You can import your Password Manager data from the file that you previously backed up. Your vault password cannot be reset. So, NortonLifeLock recommends that you back up your vault data periodically. When you enable automatic backup feature, backups of your vault are automatically created and stored locally on your device. You can access your vault backups at Users\<User Name>\My Documents\Norton Password Manager Backups\<Norton account name>.

When you import the Password Manager data you can do the following:

  • Merge the imported data in to the vault that you are currently signed in.

  • Replace the existing Password Manager data that you stored in your vault that you are signed in with the imported data.

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DOCID: v10327252
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 07/10/2020