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View your child's web activity

Web activity report shows the websites that your child visited or tried to access. You can also find other details such as the number of times your child visited that website, the device that your child used to access that website, and the Norton rating for that website. Depending on your situation, you can block or allow your child to visit that website, any time you want.

You may notice more web alerts from your child's iOS devices after the installation of VPN. Some of these alerts are triggered by the app internally in the background on which your child does not have a control.

If you child's PC has Norton Family version 3.7.3 or later, Norton Family adds a second layer of protection and shows a browser-specific block page even if your child had tampered browser extension, launched incognito or private browsing modes, or used unsupported third-party browsers to access a blocked website. However, to get best protection from Norton Family, enable the extension on your child's browsers. Please note that Norton Family notifies you about the tamper activity but not the web activities when the second layer of protection is enforced.

You can use Norton website or Norton Family app for parents to view the activities of your child.

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DOCID: v125440172
Operating System: Windows, Android, iOS
Last modified: 08/22/2019