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Fix problem with Norton Family not monitoring the social networking activity on the child's device

Currently, Norton Family monitors the social networking activity only on Windows computers.

The following are the Norton Family features supported on Android devices:

  • Web Supervision

  • Email Alerts

  • Access Request

  • Parent Mobile App

  • Location Supervision*

  • Mobile App Supervision*

  • Monthly/weekly reports*

  • Android Time Supervision*

  • Video Supervision

  • Search Activity

When your kids watch YouTube playlist in Chrome on Android phone or tablet, the address bar gets automatically hidden. In this case, Norton Family cannot monitor and report such individual playlist videos as separate activities. So, to get the best from Norton Family, ask your children to use Norton Family browser for the browsing activities on their mobile devices.

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DOCID: v110295633
Operating System: Android
Last modified: 06/03/2019