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Norton device security Acceptable Use Policy

Norton device security products are licensed under an Acceptable Use Policy. Acceptable use for each Norton device security product is currently defined as follows:

  • Norton Security Standard: This can only be used on one device or operating system.

  • Norton Security Deluxe: This can be used on three or five devices and on multiple operating systems.

  • Norton Security Premium for One Device and Two Devices: This is available in Australia and New Zealand only. This can be used on one or two devices and provides 2 GB Online Backup space.

  • Norton Security Premium: This can be used on ten devices and on multiple operating systems. This includes backup and Norton Family.

To know more about your seats, check your account or on the Norton retail box.

If you have reached the install limit for your product, you can transfer an installation from an unused device to a new device, or you may need to upgrade your product to one with a higher acceptable use limit.

You can also free up an install, or upgrade to the next product level if the current subscription does not fulfill your need to protect your devices. For more information, read: You have used all your available Norton device security product installs.

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DOCID: v99510157
Operating System: Mac;Windows
Last modified: 09/06/2023