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Features of Norton AntiTrack

Norton AntiTrack helps keeps your online activities and digital footprint private. Its key features help to hide your identity from tracking and fingerprinting attempts made by browsers and individual websites.

Before you install Norton AntiTrack, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

Some of the key features of Norton AntiTrack include:

  • Anti-Fingerprinting technology

    • Helps prevent sites from accessing unique identifying information to track and profile you.

    • Offers more privacy than a browser in Incognito mode

  • Tracker & Cookie Blocking

    • Blocks trackers before your page starts to load and helps in faster loading of web pages

    • Keeps your online activities private by blocking your tracking activities

    • Detects tracking cookies and blocks them from collecting data

  • Tracking Dashboard

    • Provides visibility and stats on tracking attempts and ranks them by level of concern

      Trackers are categorized by various types such as Ads/Analytics, Social Media, and Shopping or e-commerce.

  • Browse without interruption

    • Prevents tracking activities without interrupting a website's speed and functionality

Norton AntiTrack offers a free fingerprint scan that allows you to scan any given email address.

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Last modified: 06/01/2022