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Learn more about the Norton Automatic Renewal charge in your Credit card statement

Automatic Renewal ensures an uninterrupted Norton protection for your devices and data, against viruses and other threats. It automatically extends your Norton product subscription for another year when it expires.

If you see a 'Norton Annual Renewal' charge on your card, you must have enrolled to Automatic Renewal during an earlier purchase with us.

You are offered an option for Automatic Renewal enrollment when you buy or renew Norton products from Norton Online Store. After you enroll to Automatic Renewal, you are billed once a year for as long as you are in the program. We send you a pre-billing notification email before we charge you so that you know about the charge.

If you want to opt-out of Norton Automatic Renewal, you can do so any time. Sign in to your account and visit the My Subscriptions tab.

If you have already been charged and want to request a refund, contact Member Services & Support.

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DOCID: v58152595
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS
Last modified: 08/03/2020