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With frequent use, the reliability and performance of your computer begins to decline. You may notice the following issues:

  • Programs that run slowly, crash, or freeze

  • Lack of disk space

  • Pop-ups from 'bloatware' applications

  • Problems while starting your computer

Norton Utilities Ultimate is an optimization tool that helps you automatically optimize your computer's processing power, memory, and hard drive. It also helps fix common issues and frees up space to provide faster access to the programs you want, when you want them.


Download and install

If you purchased Norton Utilities Ultimate as an add-on to your existing Norton subscription, installation and activation happens automatically after purchase. If installation did not happen for some reason, you can download and install Norton Utilities Ultimate from your Norton account. For instructions, see Download and install Norton Utilities Ultimate.


Optimization tasks

After product activation, do the following tasks:

After the performing the above optimization tasks, you can enable Automatic Cleaning to let Norton Utilities Ultimate perform the cleaning task at regular intervals in the background. You can always view the summary of activities in the Statistics window.

If for any reason Norton Utilities Ultimate encounters any error, you can:

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Last modified: 04/23/2024