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Configure the Anti-Theft features in Norton Mobile Security

You can configure Norton Mobile Security to enable or disable the different Anti-Theft features on your Android device.

Configure Anti-Theft features on Android

  1. Launch Norton Mobile Security.

  2. At the bottom of the main screen, tap the Device icon, and then tap Anti-Theft.

  3. Tap Setup to launch the Device Administrator settings.

    If you have already set up Anti-Theft, skip to line 8 to configure the Anti-Theft settings.

  4. Tap Activate or Activate this device admin app to enable Device Administrator for Norton Mobile Security.

  5. If the Location service is turned off on your device, in the Anti-Theft setup screen, next to Locate, tap Set Up.

  6. In the Location settings, move the slider next to Location to turn it on.

  7. Exit the Location settings.

  8. To enable the Security Wipe feature, next to Security Wipe, move the slider to turn it on.

    Security Wipe feature securely erases your data from the device after 10 failed unlock attempts.

  9. To lock the device upon removal or replacement of SIM Card, move the slider next to SIM Card Lock to turn it on.

    SIM Card Lock feature does not work with dual-SIM devices.

  10. Exit Norton Mobile Security when you finish updating the Anti-Theft settings.

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DOCID: v78021963
Operating System: Android, iOS
Last modified: 07/18/2019