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Activate Norton Cloud Backup on Windows

Norton Cloud Backup helps protect your data if you become a victim of ransomware or malware, or if you experience major hardware issues. Disasters that damage or destroy your computer cannot harm your backups because they are stored in a different location. You can restore the files to their original location or download them to any device.

You can activate your Cloud Backup entitlement in the Feature Setup wizard that appears soon after you complete your product installation. However, if you missed activating while onboarding, you can follow the instructions below to activate Cloud Backup.

Activate Norton Cloud Backup

  1. On your Windows device, open the Norton device security product.

  2. In the My Norton dashboard, next to Cloud Backup, click Set Up.

    You may have to scroll down to view the Cloud Backup tile.

  3. In the Backup Settings window, click Save Settings.

  4. If prompted to authenticate, enter your Norton account password and click Sign In.

Norton Cloud Backup is now activated. You can now create your backup set and start backing up your files to our secure cloud storage. To know more, read Get started using Norton Cloud Backup.


  • You need to be signed in to your Norton product to use the Cloud Backup feature.
  • Norton Cloud Backup is available only on Windows.
  • To check if your subscription plan includes Cloud Backup and the storage space available, Sign in to your account and check your subscription plan.
  • Sometimes, a backend service outage or server maintenance can stop you from activating your Cloud Backup. To identify if there is a service outage, check the Norton Service Status page. If the Norton Storage Service is down, try activating it after some time.


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DOCID: v6958554
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 04/01/2024