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Set up Mobile Unlock for Norton Password Manager

The Mobile Unlock feature lets you unlock your Password Manager vault using a desktop browser by approving a notification on your mobile device. Each time you launch your desktop browser with the Norton Password Manager extension installed, a vault unlock request notification is automatically sent to your registered mobile device. Once you approve the unlock request on the mobile device, your vault automatically unlocks in the browser.

To know more about the Mobile Unlock feature in Norton Password Manager, see Learn more about Mobile Unlock in Norton Password Manager.

If you have forgotten your vault password, you can reset it from your Norton Password Manager mobile app. To know more on how to reset the vault password, see Reset vault password of Norton Password Manager from your mobile device.

To set up Mobile Unlock, depending on the operating system, select one of the following:

Video: How to setup and use Mobile Unlock

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DOCID: v128979256
Operating System: Windows, mac, android, ios
Last modified: 10/13/2021