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Add the Norton browser extensions

After you install Norton device security on your computer or on your Mac device, you are prompted to add the Norton browser extensions to your default web browser. The extensions support Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari browsers.

Support is also available for the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser using older technology of browser add-ons. We recommend using Microsoft Edge or another browser as an alternate browser.

The Norton browser extensions include:

Norton Safe Web

A secure search experience that helps you to surf, search, and shop safely online. It analyzes websites that you visit and detects if there are any viruses, spyware, malware, or other threats.

Browse the Internet securely with Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Search

A secured search engine that generates search results and ranks them based on the site safety status and Norton rating.

Securely search and browse the web using Norton Safe Search

Norton Home Page

A default home page in your browser that enhances your search experience by allowing Norton Safe Search to generate search results

Norton Password Manager

A secure online location where you can store all of your sensitive information such as logins, personal information, and financial information. You can use this information to log in to websites, automatically fill online forms, and online payments.

Features of Norton Password Manager

Norton Privacy Builder

Browser extension designed for Google Chrome to save your time while submitting a Do not sell opt-out request. It makes it easier to exercise your California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) right to opt out from selling your personal information.

Norton Privacy Builder is available on the Google Chrome browser for US only.

FAQ: Norton Privacy Builder Beta

You can also install Norton Password Manager on your mobile device. To know more on how to install Norton Password Manager, see FAQ: Norton Password Manager for mobile devices.

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Last modified: 03/04/2021