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Find your subscription and other Norton services information

The My Subscription tab in the My Accounts page displays the number of installs available of your Norton subscriptions that are registered to your Norton account.

If you have used all the allowed installs for your current subscription, you need to purchase an additional product key from the Norton Online Store to install the service on a device. In addition, you can uninstall the Norton service from an existing device and install the Norton service on another device. For more information, Transfer your Norton protection from one device to another device

You can view information about all of your registered Norton services in the My Subscription tab. For each Norton service, you can view the following information:

  • Status of your service

  • Product key

  • Product serial number

  • Subscription expiration date

  • Names of the devices on which the service is installed

  • Date on which the service was installed on each device

View your Norton services information

  1. Sign in to Norton.

  2. In the My Accounts page, on the My Subscription tab, click the Norton subscription to view the details.

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Operating System: Mac OS X, Windows, Android, iOS
Last modified: 04/26/2020