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Learn how to make your passwords more secure

Here are a few simple ways to secure your accounts through better password practices:

  • Make your password a sentence: A strong password is a sentence that is at least 12 characters long. Focus on positive sentences or phrases that you like to think about and are easy to remember (for example, "I love country music."). Keep in mind, slightly quirky sentences are best since they are less common. On many sites, you can even use spaces!

  • Unique account, unique password: Having separate passwords for every account helps to thwart cybercriminals. At a minimum, separate your work and personal accounts and make sure that your critical accounts have the strongest passwords.

  • Write it down and keep it safe: Everyone can forget a password. Keep a list that's stored in a safe, secure place away from your computer. You can alternatively use a service like a password manager to keep track of your passwords.

Additional Protective Measures

  • Change Interval

    It is recommended to frequently change passwords. The suggested interval depends on the frequency the platform in questions is accessed and used.

    For Portals used on regular basis the password should be changed more frequently.

    For your Norton account we do not force a defined change interval but recommend a periodic change.

  • Single Usage

    Avoid recycling passwords by using the same on different accounts. If one has been compromised it can impact all your online accounts.

  • Password Managing Apps

    Password Managing Apps are a true asset for securing your accounts and containing data.

    They not only store your passwords securely but also create strong passwords and log you in automatically. The benefits of the usage are a topic of its own. Please visit https://my.norton.com/extspa/passwordmanager for additional information.

Source: StaySafeOnline.org. © 2017 StaySafeOnline - NCSA. Used with Permission.

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