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Norton Core Security Score

Norton Core monitors the network traffic of the devices in your secure network and provides a security score indicating the security level of your network. The score ranges from 0 through 500:

  • Excellent (450-500)

  • Good (300-449)

  • Fair (100-299)

  • Critical (0-99)

If your Norton Core security score hits the Fair level, take steps to increase your score:

  • Set a strong password for your wireless network

  • Install the latest firmware and software updates when available

  • Ensure all your managed devices have a security software installed in them

  • Revert any overrides made to the recommended Norton Core settings

How is the security score calculated?

Norton gives you a network security score that starts at 500. For every security vulnerability that Norton Core detects, your score drops. The lowest score is 50. Since users can't track all of the risks that they face in their digital environment, the security score is designed to show when you are vulnerable and what you can do to be more secure.
As an example, each time a firmware update is available, Norton Core notifies you to install it. If you do not, Norton Core deducts 10% from your security score the first week and continues to deduct points the longer that you wait. As soon as you update the firmware, the points are restored.
Following are examples of how not following basic best practices for secure network settings and activities lowers your security score:
  • Not installing firmware updates

  • Using the wireless connection from a modem and router combo device in addition to Norton Core (creating a protected and unprotected network)

  • Downloading unsafe apps

  • Using a weak WiFi or guest network password

  • Visiting blocked websites

  • Ignoring malware

  • Ignoring vulnerability and intrusion detections

  • Configuring DNS settings to ISP

  • Turning on UPnP settings

  • Creating port forwarding rules

  • Not installing Norton Security on the computers and mobile devices on your secure network

For a healthy security score, we recommend you to not override any of the Norton Core recommendations.

Improve your security score

  1. Open your Norton Core app.

  2. On the top-left corner, tap the menu icon.

  3. Tap Security.

  4. In the Security screen, take appropriate action based on the recommendations that Norton Core provides.

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