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Use the utility tools in Norton Utilities Premium

The utility tools in Norton Utilities Premium help you target specific issues and fine tune precisely how your PC is optimized. The individual utility tools provide simple, categorized access to all the Norton Utilities Premium repair, optimization, and monitoring tools.

You can run the exact tools that suit your needs. Each tool gives you:

  • Step-by-step wizards give you total control over what actions are run, with the settings that you specify.

  • System configuration tools let you monitor and fine-tune settings so that your PC is tailored to your specifications.

Clean tools

The Clean tools clean out unwanted files, which free up drive space and other system resources, memory, and other system resources while also protecting your online privacy.
Every time you work on your computer or browse the Internet, files you do not need are saved to your hard drive. Browsing history may also be saved, leaving your privacy unprotected. More unneeded buildup occurs from deleted files accumulating in the Recycle Bin or unneeded file remnants left behind by sudden shutdowns. All this debris clutters your computer and overtaxes its resources.
You have the following Clean tools:
  • All-in-One PC Cleanup

    All-in-one tool to clean out junk files, registry issues, private data and more.

  • Internet Cleanup

    Clean out only Internet junk and private data, such as temporary files, cache, cookies, form autofill data, saved passwords, and more.

  • Windows Cleanup

    Clean out only Windows junk and private data, such as temporary files, recent documents list, broken shortcuts, Recycle Bin, and more.

To learn how to run the clean up tools, see Free up drive space using Norton Utilities Premium

Speed Up tools

The Speed Up tools resolve performance-draining issues and maximize the speed and improve overall performance of your PC.
Various inefficiencies can bring your computer's processing to a crawl, including fragmented hard drives, splintered system memory and unneeded programs starting with Windows. Use the Speed Up tools to resolve these performance-draining issues and boost the speed and performance of your PC.
You have the following Speed Up tools:
  • Disk Defragmenter

    Defragmenting consolidates scattered file fragments on your hard drive to boost file access speed and increase drive efficiency.

  • Application Accelerator

    Boost file access speed and increase drive efficiency by re-aligning program data and defragmenting files on your hard drive.

  • RAM Reclaimer

    Defragment your PC's RAM to improve overall speed and stability.

  • Startup Optimizer

    Easily enable or disable programs from running automatically at startup for improved speed and performance. For more information on Startup Optimizer, see Reduce Windows startup time with Norton Utilities Premium

To learn how to run the Speed Up tools, see Improve the performance of your computer with Norton Utilities Premium

Protect tools

The Protect tools prevent sharing of your personal data and securely erases sensitive files. It also helps identify and patch security holes, block unwanted adware, and protect your registry's vital settings. The Protect tools increase the level of protection and strengthen the defense of your computer.
Norton Utilities Premium lets you install or uninstall the desktop File Shredder tool that lets you delete all unwanted files from your computer. To learn how to use File Shredder, see Permanently and securely delete files with Norton Utilities Premium or Norton Utilities Ultimate

Manage tools

The Manage tool allows lets you customize your Windows to hundreds of configuration settings at once using Windows Super Control Panel. For more information, see Configure advanced Windows settings using Norton Utilities Premium or Norton Utilities Ultimate

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Last modified: 09/06/2023