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Device manufacturers or models not supported by Norton Family

Norton Family parental controls support most of the Android mobile devices to keep your kids safe when they are online. However, some device models are currently not supported due to restrictions or customization in their operating system. Use the information below to find the devices that are currently not supported.


From July 2019, none of the device models from this manufacturer are supported. Huawei adds battery saving options that can deactivate Norton Family and prevent it from reporting any activity in their devices. Features such as App supervision and location tracking need Norton Family to always run in your child's device. If your kids use Huawei devices, you can still try configuring battery settings or power saving options to exclude Norton Family from battery optimization. However, these settings may not work in some models.

Amazon Kindle

These devices are not supported as they do not provide options to track the location of your kids.


Norton Family has compatibility issues with Chromebook at this time.

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DOCID: v132578379
Operating System: Android;iOS
Last modified: 09/06/2023