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What are the different tabs under Norton Utilities and what do they do?

The different tabs under Norton Utilities cover the main functions of Norton Utilities categorized into meaningful sections.

Following are the five tabs in Norton Utilities:


The Dashboard is displayed automatically when you first open Norton Utilities. It provides you with a snapshot of your system's health, performance, and privacy information, your subscription status along with recommended actions and an easy way to perform 1-Click Optimization of your system.


The Performance tab provides access to a series of functions which are geared to help improve the performance and stability of your system.

You can use the following options in the Performance tab:

  • Clean Your Registry

  • Compact Your Registry

  • Defragment Disks

  • Optimize Windows

  • Boost Your Windows Startup


This tab provides access to a series of functions geared towards protecting your system's privacy:

  • Clean Your Windows History

  • Clean Your Browsing History

  • Clear Your Third-Party Software Traces

  • Bleach Disks

  • Shred Files


You can use the following options in the Recovery tab:

  • Recover Lost Files

  • Find Duplicate Files

  • Repair Drives

  • Restore Registry Backups

  • Uninstall Unused Software


The Settings tab provides access to the different settings categories within Norton Utilities which enable you to configure and customize options in a manner that best works for you.

Settings are divided into the following Settings categories :

  • General: Configure the 1-Click Optimization behavior and your language settings.

  • Registry: Configure the registry scan functions.

  • Privacy: Configure the privacy scan functions.

  • Shredder: Configure the shred files function.

  • UnErase: Configure the recovery and restore functions.

  • Uninstaller: Remove any unused software safely.

  • Smart Defrag: Schedule the defragmentation check to occur at a time that you specify.

  • Scheduler: Schedule the scan function.

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