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I have installed and activated Norton Utilities. What do I do next?

Norton Utilities helps improve your computer's performance by offering comprehensive system management and registry tools that improve the performance and help keeps your computer running at optimal.

You can access the main features and monitor the performance of your computer from the main window.

Working with Norton Utilities

  1. Open Norton Utilities by accessing All Programs > Norton Utilities 16 > Norton Utilities 16.

    You can also double-click the Norton Utilities icon on desktop.

  2. Ensure that your version of Norton Utilities is up to date. Clicking on Smart Update will check and download the latest product updates.

  3. Become familiar with the Dashboard screen. The Dashboard screen is displayed whenever you open Norton Utilities. It provides immediate access to the main features of Norton Utilities.

    The Dashboard is divided into following sections:

    • System Health: The System Health meter is a graphical representation of your computer's overall health. The meter's needle pointing towards the red section indicates poor system health. As the needle moves away from the red towards the green section, it indicates an improvement in your system's health.

    • 1-Click Optimize: The 1-Click Optimization feature is an easy way to keep your computer optimized. With a single click, the following tasks are performed:

      • Registry Cleaning

      • Privacy Cleaning

      • Windows Optimizations

      • Disk Defragmentation

      • Unused Application Scan

    You may stop the optimization at any point by clicking the red Stop icon.

    Next steps are required to achieve good system health: a list of recommended actions customized for your system based on its health is displayed next to the System Health meter.

    • Performance: The performance section is divided into the following:

      • Local Disk - Displays a graphical summary of the space on your detected physical drives.

        • Click Repair to repair your hard drives to potentially improve your computer's performance.

        • Click Defragment to defragment disks to potenitally optimize performance. The current status of Smart Defrag is also displayed here as On or Off.

      • Windows Startup: Lists the current and previous startup times for loading third-party applications when Windows starts up.

      • Windows Optimization: Displays the current Windows Optimization profile that you selected on your computer.

    • Privacy: Provides the information on your last privacy scan results. The privacy information includes Windows History, Internet history, and Application History.

    • Subscription: Provides the information on your subscription status.

  4. Smart Update: The Smart Update link lets you download all available enhancements to the product. If no updates are available, Smart Update indicates that your product is up to date. A green tick mark indicates that the update was successfully downloaded and installed.

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