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Issues tab - View and repair problems

The Issues tab displays a list of problems Norton Utilities Premium has discovered since the last System Analysis.

Click Analyze Now (or Re-analyze) to update the list of Issues your PC may be facing.

Click Repair all to perform repairs on all of the Issues found.

To repair individual issues, simply click the action button to the right of the issue, such as Repair, Remove or Optimize, which will allow you to resolve the issue immediately. You can also click the drop-down arrow next to the action button, which displays additional options to fix or remove the issue, including:

  • View details in wizard, which resolves the issue using the corresponding tool wizard. This opens the Norton Utilities Premium tool that can perform the necessary repairs or optimizations. Selecting this option allows you to configure settings and exclusions to suit your preferences.

  • Hide the issue from view.

  • Show issue description, which displays issue details.

Review any Recommendations in the bottom half of the Issues pane, and choose an appropriate action using the Review button and drop-down arrow to the right of each.

System Status Gauge

Norton Utilities Premium's System Status "gauge" is a high-level graphical representation of your PC's condition, based on the status, quantity, and/or severity of one or more of the following:

  • System clutter

  • Unnecessary or Dangerous startup programs1

  • Security vulnerabilities

  • Disk fragmentation

  • Free RAM levels

  • Internet optimization and connectivity status

  • Tune-up Definition status

(1) Norton Labs classifies programs into various categories: Dangerous, Unknown, Unnecessary, User Choice, Necessary, and System. A Dangerous program is one that our research has verified to be malicious or susceptible to exploit.


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