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The Logins feature in Norton Identity Safe main page lets you store and manage all the logins that you use while transacting online. Login information includes sensitive data such as your email login and Internet banking credentials.

Identity Safe provides you the option to save your logins when you enter your login information in a website. You can use this option to instantly save your login information in Identity Safe. You can also permit Identity Safe to automatically store all the login information that you provide in the websites.

After Identity Safe saves a login, it automatically fills the login details next time you visit the website. For this, you must have chosen Auto-fill under Security in the Logins window. If you have saved multiple logins for a same website, Identity Safe lets you choose a specific login for the website. In this case, the login that was last saved will be used while auto-filling. If you want to sign-in with a different login, choose a login that you want to use form the Infobar.

You can use the following options under Logins window:


Specifies the name of the login that you saved.

Login URL

Specifies the URL of your saved login.

Modified On

Specifies the date and time when you last made changes to this login.

Identity Safe updates the date and time even when you modify your logins from the Norton toolbar.

This option shows the date in MM/DD/YYYY format and time in HH:MM format. For example if you make changes on June 08, 2009 at 3:00 P.M., then this option displays the date and time as 08/07/2009 15:00 PM.


Specifies the user name of the login that you saved.


Specifies the password of the login that you saved. You can find how secure or strong your password is in real-time. Your password strength is shown as one of the following:

  • Red

    Indicates a weak password that is easy to guess or crack.

  • Orange

    Indicates your password does not meet minimum requirements and is not strong.

  • Green

    Indicates a secure and strong password.


Specifies the category you have specified while creating the logins.

Require Vault password

Prompts for your Vault password before using any login on a website. You should select this option to make your logins more secure.


Automatically fills your login for the website when you visit.


Automatically logs you in to the website.

You can use the arrow icon available at each logins row to quickly log in to the website. If you have saved multiple logins for a same website, Identity Safe lets you choose a specific login for the website. You can also choose the login to use for a website from the VAULT IS OPEN option in the Norton toolbar.

If your vault is closed when you access a website that requires your login details, Norton Identity Safe automatically opens the Infobar. In the Infobar, you can enter your vault password and then choose the login to use on the website.

The Infobar is shown only if you click on a field in a website that requires your login details.

You can use the sort option to arrange the logins based on the name, modified date, and used date. You can also search for login saved in your vault.

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