Best practices for a more secure Norton account password


When creating an online account with Norton or any account, a strong password and good password hygiene are critical to protect your data and assets from unauthorized access.

The following recommendations and best practices are essential to keep your data secure and avoid your accounts are getting compromised.

Password Requirements

At Norton, the password that you choose needs to meet the following minimum criteria to add some complexity by default.

  • 8 characters in length with at least

    • 1 number

    • 1 upper or lower case letter

    • 1symbol

Even with these requirements, a password can become vulnerable if it is composed of data easily available to others, for example, children's names and birthdays or if it follows a certain pattern like exchanging letters with similar-looking numbers.

All the below meet the requirements but provide very different levels of security:

  • Weak: Password123!

  • Better: P@$$Word123

  • Strong: xis6etIthutrabRit#edripu (this is auto-generated)

    For additional information on this feature, read Password Managing Apps.

Password Hygiene

  • Change Interval

    It is recommended to frequently change passwords. The suggested interval depends on the frequency the platform in question is accessed and used.

    For Portals used on regular basis, the password should be changed more frequently.

    For your Norton account, we do not force a defined change interval but recommend a periodic change.

  • Single Usage

    Avoid recycling passwords by using the same on different accounts. If one has been compromised it can impact all your online accounts.

  • Password Managing Apps

    Password Managing apps are a true asset for securing your accounts and containing data.

    They not only store your passwords securely but also create strong passwords and log you in automatically. The benefits of the usage are a topic of their own. Please visit for additional information.

Additional Protective Measures

  • Password Field

    Always be alert and apply caution when filling in data while creating or accessing an account. Only the designated password field is designed to mask the content and hide it from view. This is in particular important when filling in credentials while someone might be watching.

    For your Norton account, only the password field is encrypted and won't show on any communication or statements you might receive from your portal. The same does not apply for other fields, such as name field or address, as those are only text fields and are not supplied with an encryption algorism.

    Accidentally entering a password in the incorrect field can compromise security by making it visible in account-related communication.

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    For those who want to protect their account with an additional layer of security, multi-factor authentication is a great way to do so.

    For Norton two-factor authentication, please visit FAQ: Two-factor authentication for your account to learn more about this option.

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Last modified: 2022-01-28